•  древний
  • очень старый
  • быльём поросло
  • старо как мир


  • It’s old as the hills, of course, Fleur need know nothing about it ― making a fuss. (John Galsworthy. To Let) — Все это, конечно, давно быльем поросло, но не нужно, чтобы Флер что-нибудь узнала. (Джон Голсуорси. Сдается внаем (Н. Д. Вольпин)
  • An educated Woggle-Bug may be a new thing; but a Woggle-Bug education is as old as the hills, judging from the display you make of it. (L. Frank Baum. The Marvelous Land of Oz) — Ученых Кувыркунов на свете, может, еще и не бывало, но показная кувырк-ученость, к сожалению, стара как мир. (Л. Фрэнк Баум. Чудесная Страна Оз (В. Гобарев)

Это музыкальные видео Tiny Ruins под названием Old As The Hills поможет вам запомнить идиому.

Текст песни

Old As The Hills
Lean in friend
And I’ll tell you a tale

Be a good friend
Be a good friend
As I tread the stage awhile

It was late in the day
The day after the fair
When I heard tell of her

She lived so far away
Further, farther and beyond
Well, you know that they say

She was old as the hills
And worn as a train
On rails of old steel wool
She was old as the hills

And her sons were all gone
Killed in battle and won
By someone above
‘stead of coming on home

And her daughters were gone
Followed love and they’d run
To the city below
‘stead of coming on home


She had a bullet in her bonnet
The last that she owned
And her gun in her pocket
To keep her strong when she rode

She went fishing in the shallows
For eels and minnows
Which she fried up so nicely
All salty and spicy


And her dog was gone
Whom she’d cared for so long
They had whiskey and plums
On his lavender bed

And her love was gone
When he heard the sea’s song
Left the shore all alone
To travel the world around

Chorus x 2


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