Lesson Plan: In the News. Business. YouTube


A Listening class based on BBCNews.

Lesson 1. BBC Business Live. 22 October 2015

(Level: B1-B2)

I. Pre-Listening Tasks

1. Discuss the following questions:

  • Do you watch videos on-line? What websites do you use for that? What videos do you watch? Do you have any subscription on these websites?
  • Are these websites free or paid-for?
  • Would you pay for a subscription to videos? Why?
  • Do you know any popular YouTube content creators? Name them and explain what kind of videos they make.
  • How do you think such websites as YouTube make money?

2. Define the following words and word combinations:

  • subscription content
  • paid-for content
  • video platform
  • broadcasting
  • target audience
  • quality content
  • adverts
  • advertising revenue
  • rivals
  • tech giants

see the English-Russian list of useful vocabulary for translation

II. Listening for gist

Watch the video 00:00-01:05 and answer the following question:

  • What changes is YouTube going to introduce to its service?

III. Listening for specific information

1. Watch the video 0:00-01:46 and answer the following questions:

  • Which content is going to be paid-for?
  • What examples of future paid-for content are given in the news?
  • What companies are YouTube rivals?

2. Watch the video 01:46-2:44 and answer the following questions:

  • What’s been the reason for YouTube success?
  • What customers are considered to be YouTube target audience?
  • Why did YouTube decide to introduce a paid-for service?

3. Watch the video 2:45-to the end and answer the following questions:

IV. Speaking

Answer the following questions:

  1. What YouTube subscription content would you be ready to pay for?
  2. Do you think the new YouTube paid-for service will be successful?
  3. How else could YouTube improve its video and music platform?

A list of useful vocabulary:

download the English-Russian list of useful vocabulary

  • to launch
  • to be behind a pay wall
  • to access videos
  • to post a video
  • to woo away
  • apps
  • high budget entertainment
  • an increasingly competitive market
  • a winning formula
  • to be familiar with
  • unsolicited feedback
  • to address concerns
  • to line pockets with
  • to give an edge
  • subscription fatigue
  • co-founder
  • to talk through
  • market place
  • to pay for quality content
  • ad-funded
  • to be high quality
  • to give value
  • to put up with
  • to run adverts
  • interruptive adverts
  • to bombard consumers with adverts
  • to be passionate about something
  • to share advertising revenue with
  • a shift
  • to pool revenue
  • attention economy
  • a crowded market
  • to stream music
  • non-labelled content

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