Предлагать: SUGGEST и др. глаголы


На английский язык слово «предлагать» можно перевести с помощью разных глаголов, таких как “to suggest”, “to offer”, “to propose”, “to recommend” и некоторых других. Обычно особые трудности вызывает первый из этих глаголов, поэтому рассмотрим поподробнее каждый синоним и сравним их с глаголом “to suggest”.

Глагол “to recommend” в Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus определяется следующим образом:

to tell smb that smth is good or useful, or that smb would be suitable for a particular job, etc.; to make smb/smth seem attractive or good; if you recommend smb/smth, it usually means that you have personal experience of the person or thing you are recommending. For example you would only be able to recommend a person for a job if you knew them personally, and you could only recommend a book to smb if you had actually read if yourself.  

Устойчивые выражения с глаголом “to recommend”:

  • To recommend a candidate / product
  • To recommend smb / smth for / as smth (Can you recommend anybody for this job?)
  • To recommend smth to smb (I recommend the film to all my friends.)
  • To recommend (that) smb do smth (should) do (Some local authorities still operate policy guidelines that recommend that children should stay in care for under two years.)
  • To recommend doing smth (He recommended reading the book before seeing the movie.)


To recommend

To suggest

you have personal experience of the person or thing you are recommending is less certain, you don’t have personal experience of the person or thing – you may have just heard about them / it from smb else, but think they / it might be worth trying
  • The hotel’s new restaurants comes highly recommended.
  • Who would you suggest for the job?
  • She suggested Paris as a good place for the conference.
  • Can you suggest how I might contact him?


Глагол “to propose” определяется так:

(rather formal) to tell people about a plan or idea for them to think about and decide on; to tell people about a plan or idea at a formal meeting and ask them to vote on it; to suggest an explanation of smth for people to consider

Устойчивые выражения с глаголом “to propose”:

  • To propose a/ an idea / plan / scheme / solution / theory / change / measure / alternative / view (She proposed a possible solution to the mystery).
  • To propose smth as smth (The measures have been proposed as a way of improving standards.)
  • To propose (that) smb (should) do smth (It was proposed that the president be elected for a period of two years.)
  • To propose doing smth (He proposed changing the name of the company.)
  • To propose to do smth (We now propose to take deregulation and privatization further.)


To propose

To suggest

you are more likely to propose in a confident way and when you definitely want your idea to be accepted; when smth is to be considered in a formal process it is more usual to use ‘propose’ is often used in less formal situations, especially when making personal suggestions or arrangements; is sometimes less certain^ you might suggest smth in order to be helpful, or in a gentle way because you are not sure how welcome your suggestion will be
  • They are ready to discuss plans proposed by the UN.
  • I suggest that we go out to eat.


Глагол “to offer«:

to make smth available or to provide the opportunity for smth; to say that you are willing to do smth for smb or give smth to smb

Устойчивые выражения с глаголом “to offer”:

  • To offer a / an invitation / welcome / suggestion / opinion / explanation (He didn’t offer any explanation for his behavior.)
  • To offer aid / credit / hospitality / sympathy / condolences / congratulations / advice / information / facilities (The hotel offers excellent facilities for families.)
  • To offer the hope /possibility / prospect of smth (The job didn’t offer any prospects for promotion.)
  • To offer your apologies / resignation
  • To offer help / your services/ your hand
  • To offer a plate / glass
  • To offer a job (They decided to offer Jo the job.)
  • To offer $200 / a sum (He offered $8,000 for the car.)
  • To offer to do smth (The kids offered to do the dishes.)


To offer

To suggest

вызваться что-то сделать (кто предлагает, тот и делает) предложить кому-то что-то сделать (кто-то другой будет что-то делать, хотя предлагающий может также участвовать)
  • ‘I’ll do it,’ she offered.
  •  I suggested going to the cinema.


Глагол “to suggest«:

to tell smb about a person, thing, method, etc. that might be suitable for a particular job or purpose; to tell people about a plan or idea for them to think about; to put an idea into smb’s mind; to make smb think that smth is true

Устойчивые выражения с глаголом “to suggest”:

  • To suggest a candidate
  • To suggest a / an idea / scheme / solution / change / measure / alternative
  • To suggest a meaning / feeling
  • To suggest a great deal / high degree / lack of smth
  • To suggest smb for / as smth
  • To suggest smb / smth to smth
  • The results / facts suggest to smth
  • Smb’s behaviour suggests smth
  • The evidence suggests to smth (All the evidence suggests that he stole the money.)
  • The signs / symptoms suggest smth (The symptoms suggest a minor heart attack.)
  • To strongly suggest to smth
  • To suggest (that) smb (should) do smth (I suggested that she should tell everyone the truth.)
  • To suggest smb’s doing smth (He suggested my quitting the job.)



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